lunedì 26 ottobre 2015

Presentazione libro "Seychelles" - Roma, 15 novembre 2015, Sala Margana

Save the date! 
Sunday november 15, 5,30 pm, at the Sala Margana (Piazza Margana) in Rome, Ars et Natura & Seychelles Tourism Board have the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of the art book "Seychelles". The event features the nature artists that have been in the project, with their photographs, sketchbooks, video and special guests. Refreshments and tropical colors are guaranteed. Sponsored by Ethiopian Airlines, and publishers Pandion edizioni - Wild'Art Studio with Seychelles Art Projects Foundation and Arterial Network.
We look forward to browse together the 200 pages of Seychelles nature, painted and illustrated by 17 different hands.
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Sala Margana, Piazza Margana 41 - (Piazza Venezia) - Rome - +39 06 678 1061

Save the date! 
Domenica 15 novembre, ore 17,30, Sala Margana, Roma: Presentazione libro "Seychelles", Ars et Natura & Seychelles Tourism Board Italia sono lieti di invitarVi ad una serata speciale, con gli artisti naturalisti del progetto, taccuini, foto, video e ospiti speciali. Rinfresco finale e tanti.....colori tropicali. A cura degli sponsors ed editori Ethiopian Airlines, Pandion edizioni - Wild'Art Studio con Seychelles Art Projects Foundation e Arterial Network. Vi aspettiamo tutti per sfogliare insieme 200 pagine di natura dipinta e illustrata da 17 mani diverse.  
Condividete grazie....
Sala Margana, Piazza Margana 41 - (Piazza Venezia) - Roma - +39 06 678 1061

martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Neri Marcorè testimonial del progetto Ars et Natura Seychelles

We welcomed Neri Marcorè and presented the Seychelles book... he is passionate of sea, nature and art: "congratulations to all the artists and the tropical travelling companions".
Neri Marcorè is an Italian actor, dubber, imitator, TV presenter and singer. He has appeared in 22 films and television shows since 1994. He starred in the film Incantato, which was entered into the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

giovedì 3 settembre 2015

Ethiopian Airlines for Ars et Natura projects

A special thank you to Ethiopian Airlines, the trade partner helping from day one to make the exhibition "Ars et Natura Seychelles" at Kaz Zanana, a dream come true. Ethiopian Airlines is also a sponsor of the book "Seychelles - ars et natura's project for Archipelago biodiversity". In Photo:  Mrs. Ilaria Isola (Seychelles Art Project Foundation), George Camille (Seychellois Artist of Seychelles Art Project Foundation), Mrs. Meseret Tekalign (Ethiopian Airlines, Area Manager Seychelles) and Anne Shingleton (artist of Ars et Natura Project).

mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

lunedì 10 agosto 2015

Ars et Natura group meets the childrens of school for a day of drawings in Botanical Garden Victoria

Ars et Natura group meets the childrens of Seychellois schools for one day of naturalistic drawings in Botanical Garden Victoria, Mahè. Organized by Minister Didier Dogley and Seychelles Art Project Foundation, with italian artists of Ars et Natura Group and George Camille. Photo Francesca C. Montini ©

Ars et Natura project meets the Minister Mr. Didier Dogley

July 2015. Ars et Natura project meets the Minister Mr. of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Mr. Didier Dogley with George Camille and Ilaria Isola of Seychelles Art Project Foundation, the artists Anne Shingleton, Alessandro Troisi, Concetta Flore, Carlo Castellani, Patrizia Vistola, Daniela Di Tonno. Photo Francesca C. Montini ©

giovedì 6 agosto 2015

Opening Kaz Zanana Gallery - Ars et Natura Exhibition 23/07/2015

23/07/2015 Opening Ars et Natura Seychelles exhibition in Kaz Zanana Gallery with Minister Alain St. Ange, Honorary Consul Claudo Izzi, George Camille, Camille Mondon, Egbert Marday, italian artists Alessandro Troisi, Anne Shingleton, Concetta Flore, Carlo Castellani, Patrizia Vistola, Daniela Di Tonno, Amia Jovanovic Desir of Seychelles Tourism Board, Ilaria Isola of Seychelles Art Project Foundation and the staff of Nature Seychelles, Ethiopian Airlines, Mammia Mia and other sponsors and friends. Photo: Francesca C. Montini ©